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Karnali Blues

Karnali Blues written by Buddhisagar is one of the good Nepali Novel. This Nepali Novel Karnali Blues is in Audio Version from the radio program Shruti Sambeg of Ujjyalo 90 Network FM on the voice of Achyut Ghimire.

Nepali Novel :- Karnali Blues 
Writer :- Buddhisagar 
Program:- Shruti Sambeg (Ujjyalo 90 Network) 
RJ :- Achyut Ghimire
Jeevan Kada Ki Phool

Jhamak Kumari Ghimire the writer of Jeevan Kada Ki Phool is Madan Puraskar winner Novelist. Jhamak has won nine prizes in her different works. Jeevan or Jivan means Life in Nepali Language. Jivan Kada ki Phool means Life flower or thrown.

Jhamak Kumari Ghimire Jhamak was born on July 1980 in Kachide V.D.C of Dhankuta. Ghimire being physically disabled, has written this Madan Puraskar Winner Nepali Novel Jeevan Kada Ki Phool, The autobiography of the writer Jhamak Kumari Ghimire. Ghimire, victim of paralysis does her almost all work through her leg. Even Jhamak wrote all her novels through her leg.

Listen Audio of Nepali Novel Jeevan Kada Ki Phool from the Radio program Shruti Sambeg with Achyut Ghimire of UNN 90 Network.

Don't be confused on jivan kanda ki phool or Jeevan Kanda ki Phool coz Jivan or Jeevan are same and Kanda or kada has same meaning. Enjoy Listening Nepali Novel. 


This Book Soch is written by Karna Shakya. Soch is Self esteem type book.
Karna Shakya, The leading business man and Natural conversationalist of Nepal has written many books. He is also founder of Kathmandu Guest house of Themal, Kathmandu.


Pagal Basti

Pagal Basti is the Famous Nepali Novel. Pagal Basti Originally written by Saru Bhakta. You can listen Nepali Novel Pagal Basti Online from the radio Program Shruti Sambeg one the crystal Clear voice of Achyut Ghimire from Ujjyalo Network 90 FM.

Nepali Novel :- Pagal Basti
Writer :- Saru bhakta
Program :- Shruti Sambeg (Ujjyalo 90 Network)
RJ :- Achyut Ghimire


Babu Aama ra Chora

Babu Aama Ra Chora is written by B.P Koirala. Babu Aama Ra Chora is famous Nepali Novel of the contemporary literature and this novel is about the three character Babu means father, Aama means Mother and Chora means Son. The story has twist, and the novel gets hair pin turn and circulate on the family. You can listen Nepali Novel Babu Aama Ra Chora from the Radio program Shruti Sambeg with Achyut Ghimire.


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